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We provide custom IT solutions

to growing businesses across the United States. For more than thirty years, Eastern Data has provided managed IT services that are customized for each client.
Our mission is to provide individualized services that meet your company’s needs and help your team exceed. We work hard to understand your industry, company culture, and business model to deliver the right solutions for
your growth. With individual assessments and a wealth of experience in all facets of technology, it’s our pleasure to
function as a trusted long-term partner for each of the companies we serve.

Meet Eastern Data’s
Leadership Team


Robert Reich

CEO of Eastern Data


Michael S. Darden

CTO of Eastern Data


Full Name

Psotion | Eastern Data


Full Name

Psotion | Eastern Data

Eastern Data’s Values


Education-Based IT Services

At Eastern Data, we excel at counseling and training. Our team works with an individualized approach so that our clients are fully knowledgeable about their options.

Our expertise is not necessarily yours. For companies that don’t have a dedicated IT Department, our staff is trained to take an education-first approach. We work with you so that you can make informed choices about the best strategy for today and your future.


Flexibility and Innovation

Business technology continues to evolve, and we recognize that IT investments can be cumbersome. We work with our clients to make the best decisions for infrastructure and legacy equipment. This might mean developing a strategy to budget future upgrades or sourcing the best options to bridge a hybrid solution.

All of Eastern Data’s managed service plans are designed for versatility. Rely on us to help your company stay up to date and competitive.


Reliable IT Partnership

Our team functions like your own IT department. Eastern Data’s IT services are handcrafted to play a key role in helping you take the competitive edge. We work as an extension of your own business model to provide long term managed services. We can also perform individual projects or work in select capacities that perfectly align with your vision and budget.

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Your IT Needs Are Unique

Every business is unique and your solutions need to reflect that. At Eastern Data, all of our strategies are customized for your business and staff. We work with you to develop the right strategies, implement new technologies, and walk you through training options so that your team can concentrate on business growth.


Let Us Handle IT, so Your Team Can Handle Your Business

Business hours are precious. Your team can’t afford wasted downtime or lost productivity trying to solve technical issues outside their expertise. Eastern Data has spent three decades fine-tuning our remote helpdesk support and nationwide partner network.

Regardless of the issue, we’ll provide quick responses 24/7, 365 days per year.


100% Transparent Pricing

At Eastern Data, there are no hidden fees or tacked on charges. We quote you a verifiable rate for services and work with you to determine ongoing budgets. We will never send an unexpected bill or tack on charges that have not been approved.

A Message from the CEO

Robert Reich

CEO of Eastern Data

Eastern Data’s mission is to help our clients excel. In today’s world, that means mastering the technology that makes you more efficient and productive in a competitive marketplace.We know your IT investment is a huge decision. It’s a necessity that you need to consider carefully and there are many managed service providers to choose from. What makes Eastern Data the right one for your company?At Eastern Data, our top priority is in building a partnership of trust with our clients. We hire specialists based on communication and client management skills. Our mission is in delivering a customized service, specifically designed for your success.When you work with Eastern Data, you can rely on transparent pricing and strategic planning to help your business reach new heights.

Is Eastern Data Your Perfect IT Provider?

When choosing your IT provider, you need to find the company that works well with your business model and team.

If you’re looking for a managed service provider to offer strategic planning, thorough assessments of your technology and infrastructure, and transparent pricing, we can help. Our business model is fueled by close collaboration with clients to create and manage the perfect IT environment.

If you’re looking for an IT partner for your continued success, we might be just what you need. Request a strategy call at 757-498-1600, or email us at sales@easterndata.com, to get started. Let’s Talk