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The IT infrastructure for law firms must work flawlessly while keeping the practice in-tune with strict ethical standards. Eastern Data understands that time is money and there is no room for downtime or technical difficulties.

For more than 35 years, Eastern Data has been providing IT support. Our legal IT experts work tirelessly to protect sensitive client data, provide continuous support, and make sure attorneys can serve clients at the highest level.

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IT Solutions to Streamline Law Firm Workflow

Document Protection & Data Security

Law firms have a unique challenge including the duty to keep client information confidential. Eastern Data has vast experience in the industry to make best practice recommendations for solutions designed to mitigate risks, minimize vulnerabilities, and ensure that attorney's and associates are able to access all data securely.

At Eastern Data, our Engineers are consistently trained on compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards. Additionally, we deploy solutions to safeguard and monitor the firm's network and security system to avoid data breach that could result in any ethical violations, client exposure and a poor reputation.

IT investments should create more solutions than obstacles

Even a small IT issue can cost a law firm in time and resources. The law firm’s staff should be spending their days focusing on pressing case research and counseling clients, not troubleshooting IT issues.

At Eastern Data, our managed IT support takes care of the proactive monitoring and maintenance so that our clients can concentrate on the progress that matters most to their clients.

Access data anytime and from anywhere

The nature of the litigation has the potential to take an attorney all over the world. Eastern Data understands that attorney's do not work regular business hours. With these demands standard across the industry, it is critical that end users are able to access data anytime and from anywhere. We are available to support clients 24/7/365 to ensure everything necessary is available to continue to practice.

At Eastern Data, we make sure that your technology infrastructure, documents, and data are available when needed.

Managed IT Services Created for Law Firms

Eastern Data works closely with our clients to ensure IT infrastructure plays a key role in a
firm's success.

Here’s how we do it.

All inclusive IT Strategies

All inclusive IT Strategies

Providing scalable solutions to manage everything from the network, to the desktop and the end users for an all-inclusive, flat monthly fee. Eastern Data works with any and all third party technology vendors to demonstrate that we are the one stop shop that liaisons between all parties. Helping source the right solutions to scale the practice and meet the needs of clients.


Fully Customized IT Support

Eastern Data conducts a thorough network assessment in order to understand the unique technical and support needs of our clients. This enables us to develop a fully customized support proposal specifically tailored to our clients needs. We understand that there is no one size fits all model and ensure we include everything so that there are no surprises when onboarding a new client. 

Secure Data Management

Secure Data Management

Law firms are responsible for highly sensitive data from their clients. At Eastern Data, security is our highest priority. We make sure data is collected, stored and managed properly to maintain compliance and protect the business.  

Mobile Device & Application Management

Mobile Device & Application Management

The nature of the legal practice relies on the right equipment and ability to efficiently access data and applications. Eastern data takes a comprehensive approach to manage all client systems and programs, regardless of when and where they are needed. Based on our experience in the industry, we will offer best practices and make the right hardware and software recommendations. 

What We Do

Eastern Data understands the complex technology requirements of legal practices. Regardless of
needs, goals, and challenges, we make sure our clients are equipped for success.

IT Services

Managed IT Services

Our managed services provide complete, top to bottom coverage for ALL your tech components.

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IT Consulting

Strategic IT Consulting

Eastern Data Inc. has spent three decades building a reputation as an expert, reliable source for IT consulting.

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Your business shouldn’t live in fear of fines. Trust Eastern Data to effectively communicate with your team and manage your compliance requirements.

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Staff Augmentation

Lengthy recruitment processes. Tedious hiring demands.

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Eastern Data’s Promise to Law Firms

100% Customized IT Plans


All Eastern Data IT Solutions are specifically designed for our clients unique environments. Our experts will take an in-depth analysis of practice requirements, and then devise an IT strategy that will grow with your firm, for better organization and increased efficiency.

Transparent Billing


At Eastern Data, all of our Agreements have a flat monthly fee that is identified as part of the assessment process. Our clients can expect invoices to reflect the exact services included and to be set at a regular, understood rate. This allows our clients to budget annually for support and any project work that is identified during strategic meetings. 

Proactive Mindset for Support & Security


Our team is proactively monitoring and maintaining our practice's networks, systems and security solutions to protect against the many different threat vectors. It is our priority to allow staff to continue operations without technical issues to contend with. 

Fast Remote Desktop Support


Downtime is detrimental to law firms. All Eastern Data legal clients have quick access to our remote helpdesk to address questions, concerns, and issues in a matter of minutes. For issues requiring on-site support, we have the ability to dispatch our Field engineers to your location.

Give your firm the IT support it needs.

Regardless of your specialty of law, your clients put an enormous amount of trust in your hands. Your firm needs an MSP that delivers the same level of confidence. Contact our legal IT experts today and learn how managed services can help your firm meet the strenuous needs of todays clientele and future case load.

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