Building a Secure IT Infrastructure on a Nonprofit Budget

When it comes to nonprofits, every penny counts. The challenge of investing in a robust cybersecurity plan can seem daunting when trying to keep overhead low. With limited budgets and often overstretched staff, it’s hard to find energy, time, and funds to devote to tech infrastructure. Yet, in today’s increasingly digital landscape, the importance of strong cybersecurity cannot be overstated. This is where we at Eastern Data step in, offering solutions that are budget-friendly, time-efficient, and mission-driven.

Understanding the Risks
Cyberattacks are growing across sectors; it is predicted that they will cost the global economy over $10.5 trillion in 2024. While healthcare providers, government offices, and schools are popular targets, nonprofits are not immune to cybercrime. Nonprofits are an appealing target for the information they hold: particularly about their donors. When there’s a breach in confidentiality, the risks are big for losing donor information and trust, as well as incurring financial damage and potential legal repercussions. As cyber threats evolve, so too must the defenses of nonprofit organizations. 

Setting Your Nonprofit Up for Success
For some nonprofits, the drive for improved cybersecurity may have to start with board support. For others, it may be a decision that’s left up to leadership staff. Either way, it’s important that key stakeholders are all on the same page about allocating funds and attention toward a solid cybersecurity plan. That plan often includes partnering with an IT services provider—and wisely so. In our experience, here are a few reasons why nonprofit leaders choose to partner with an IT services provider:

  • We’ll help you stay focused on the mission: Managed IT support extends beyond just fixing problems as they arise. A good IT services provider offers continuous security monitoring to detect and address risks, minimizing distractions or down-time, and allowing you to stay focused on your mission.
  • We’ll help you create a plan that fits your unique needs: Every nonprofit has unique technological needs and constraints. It all depends on the type of data that you’re managing, the software that you work with, and the capacity of your team. The right cybersecurity plan for you should improve efficiency, not detract from it. It should fit into your budget sensibly, rather than putting a strain on it. 
  • We’ll help you to support your team: Experienced nonprofit employees wear many hats. Good IT services providers will offer flexible support models to fit seamlessly into your workflow. From remote helpdesks to on-site resources, cybersecurity services should be designed to fit the diverse needs of your organization without creating burdensome IT challenges.
  • We’re on the clock even when you are not: To ensure that help is always at hand, Eastern Data offers round-the-clock helpdesk support. Our team is readyto remotely address any concerns, and for issues requiring physical presence, our field engineers are dispatched promptly, managed within a ticketing system by guaranteed service level agreements based on issue severity.
  • We’re here to work within your budget, not to break the bank: We collaborate with clients to navigate the procurement process and develop a cost-effective IT plan.  Updating your IT plan is a research-intensive decision-making process, and we’re committed to helping find, quote, purchase, and receive the most viable solutions. We utilize all available resources to non-profits to assist with any funding, grants or discounted programs.

At Eastern Data we take pride in delivering customized IT management and support to nonprofits. Our proactive approach to IT support and cybersecurity means nonprofit organizations can focus on their mission, knowing their IT needs are in expert hands. By identifying and implementing value-suited solutions, we ensure that nonprofits can deliver their services without the stress of managing technology challenges.

Partnering with Eastern Data means choosing a strategic ally who understands the nuances of nonprofit IT requirements. Let us help you build a secure, efficient, and cost-effective IT infrastructure that supports your organization’s goals today and prepares you for the challenges of tomorrow.

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