At Eastern Data, our tagline is

"IT people you can talk to. IT people you can trust."

With more than 35 years in business, we know that success starts on the inside. Our team-oriented culture is the
lifeblood of everything we do at Eastern Data.

Our mission is to listen with care to clients' needs, take the time to explain solutions, and use technology to exceed expectations.

Our vision is to become the leading IT Managed Services provider by investing in it's employees and clients.

Why Work at Eastern Data?

At Eastern Data, our people make the difference

Our leadership team is critical to the foundational strength, stability and growth of the organization and consistently embodies our corporate culture and company values. We want our team members to be immersed into a culture that makes them feel valued, supported and aligned with the organizational goals. Eastern Data encourages a collaborative climate that fosters an environment where employees feel challenged, valued and can pursue their passions and advance in their careers.

We offer a competitive salary and a company culture we’re proud of, which is why we have some of the best employee retention rates you’ll find.

We prioritize 6 main values that set us apart from other IT companies:



Communication is the core of our success, and the backbone of our services. IT People You Can Talk To is our differentiating factor. We hire on it, we train on it and we reinforce it. We take the time to understand different communication styles to figure out the best way to communicate with not just our clients, but also with one another. 



We have developed and maintained a family-like culture since we were established and continuously express the importance of family no matter how much we grow. We don't just operate like a family, we are supportive of employees taking care of their families. 



We respect one another as professionals and we are respected by our leadership team. Our people are valued, encouraged and rewarded for their performance. Not only is respect highly regarded internally, but we demand respect from our clients as well. We work hard as a team to ensure our clients are always supported and have a low tolerance for patronizing behavior. 



Our employees demonstrate consistently how willing they are to help each other. Whether someone asks for help or we recognize they need help, there are always folks ready to jump in wherever they can. 



We always make an effort to balance work and fun. Fun lightens burdens, creates deeper bonds, and fosters memorable experiences. Whether that be happy hours, cookouts, go kart racing, or our kickball team, we always try to come up with something inclusive for all where we can enjoy our people outside of just work. 



Everybody steps up when the time calls for it and pitches in to do whatever it takes to get the job done, help each other out, and win as a team. We're all committed to the mission and believe we are all working to the best of our ability to be successful. 

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