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Your business shouldn’t live in fear of fines. Trust Eastern Data to effectively communicate with your team and manage your compliance requirements. With our IT company in your corner, complying with industry, state, and federal regulations is infinitely easier.

Compliance Services We Offer

Healthcare Compliance

Eastern Data is a Business Associate and understands the unique support and compliance needs of a healthcare covered entity. Our staff is continuously trained how to handle this environment and how to maintain compliance. We always recommend solutions to make processes efficient while protecting data security to the highest degree.

Compliance for Government Contractors/Subcontractors

Eastern Data is a Registered Provider Organization and is available to primes and subcontractors to assist with adhering to and maintaining the latest compliance requirements. We specialize in architecting infrastructures to maintain compliance, protect assets, and enhance the end user experience with technology.

Why Compliance is Important

Avoiding Penalties

Penalties for violations can be severe. No company is prepared to face discipline associates with compliance violations, including fines, lost revenue, and breached client trust. Eastern Data includes proactive compliance efforts as part of all of our engagements with clients.

Keeping Client Data Safe

Your clients trust you to keep their private, valuable data secure. Eastern Data's data management experts take IT security very seriously, and will help preserve your client’s trust for years to come.

Preserving Brand Reputation

Nothing jeopardizes a company’s reputation like mismanaged client information. Businesses need an IT services provider that will make sure you properly govern data to protect businesses and maintain public image.

Planning for New Developments in Data Management

Investing in employees is the smartest decision businesses can make. Eastern Data’s onboarding experts will work closely with clients' in-house team to get everyone up to speed in the new IT setup – with minimal downtime.

Compliance efforts are most effective when conducted in advance.

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