Staff Augmentation Services

Give your team

the support they need.

Lengthy recruitment processes. Tedious hiring demands. Limited resources. Avoid all of these problems with Eastern Data’s staff augmentation services. A dedicated IT support team will ensures clients work smoothly and efficiently at all times.

Does Your Company Need IT Staff Augmentation?

IT requirements are exceeding in-house bandwidth.

Finding, hiring, and training new in-house employees is always challenging - but it’s even more challenging when a business is growing rapidly. Let Eastern Data fill gaps in staffing and maximize productivity.

Experience the convenience of an on-site expert with the resources of a fully remote team.

Many businesses require on-site help during emergencies, but they also need the vast assistance of a virtual IT staff to supplement their team. Fortunately, Eastern Data does both.

Achieve flexibility within the IT department.

IT requirements aren’t always cut and dry. Companies often do not know what they need until they desperately need it. Eastern Data's Staff augmentation makes sure that our clients have experts ready to step in on short notice.

Advantages of Staff Augmentation

Reduce Overhead Costs

Reduce Overhead-icon

Spend less money hiring new employees and building out the internal IT infrastructure. When clients work with Eastern Data, they only pay for the skills they need when they need them.

More Efficient Employee Onboarding

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Onboarding processes can be a total headache. Avoid them with an augmented staff that’s already trained and ready to work. Eastern Data's experienced staff is ready to be thrown into the deep end on day one.

Scale Your Team Quickly

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Growing more quickly than
anticipated? Bringing on many clients at once? Scale any team with IT experts who are on standby, ready to lend a hand.

Get Continuous Access to Various Skillsets


Eastern Data's clients don't have to worry if they suddenly develop a new IT requirement - we’re already prepared to handle it. Access a variety of experts who don’t require hiring and training.

Ready to get the extra IT help you need?

Don’t wait until your team is overloaded to ask for help.

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