Managed IT Services

Flat-rate, all inclusive IT Services

customized for each clients' needs

Technology requirements and the cyber threat landscape are constantly evolving. It is critical to have the people and solutions in place to proactively monitor and maintain the technical environment as well as the support system to assist end users with any remediation. At Eastern Data, we create customized IT services specifically tailored to every clients' needs with the goal of minimizing reactive services, driving efficiencies, and enhancing delivery.

Advantages of Managed IT Support

Access to a Diverse Team of Experts

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Eastern Data has decades of experience across a variety of industries. Partnering with Eastern Data provides our clients with access to a diverse team of engineers with varying experiences, skill sets and certifications. Additionally, we have established partnerships providing Eastern Data with access to a vast array of tools, resources and connections we can leverage that traditional in-house IT does not. 

Minimized Downtime & Reduced Risk

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Eastern Data continuously validates and ensures our clients' environments evolve as the threat landscape does and that the best, value-based solutions are being recommended and deployed to proactively protect and continuously secure the network and endpoints. This is critical to SMB's as most lack capital and personnel expertise to invest in the cybersecurity infrastructure. 

Designed to Scale

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Eastern Data's customized IT support services are designed to fit any budget or company size, and tailor our services to meet client's fluctuating needs. Outsourcing allows experienced experts to be integrated into projects and crucial tasks immediately and to be brought on on an as-needed basis. The flexibility grants unprecedented control over project management without the dedicated time required to hire and train new employees. 

Reduced IT Costs

Reduced IT Costs

Outsourcing IT can save money in numerous ways:

  • Controlled IT Costs
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Trained, Experienced, Qualified, Certified Personnel
  • Staffing Flexibility
  • Proactive Support & Quick Response Times
  • Time, Resource & Cost Efficiencies
  • Improved Focus for Internal Staff

Managed Services Delivery Overview

Centralized Services

Centralized Services
  • Proactive network monitoring, maintenance, patching & updating
  • Implementation, management and continuous testing of backup & disaster recovery systems
  • Continuously managed endpoint security solutions
  • Continuously managed network security solutions
  • Scalable cloud services solutions

Network Administration

Network Administration
  • Evaluation, design, and execution of optimal network configurations
  • Administration of network security, access and authentication
  • Continuous, proactive technology maintenance
  • Immediate response to alerts 
  • Regularly updated technical documentation

Technology Consulting (vCIO)

Technology Consulting
  • Regularly reviewed business requirement planning, to include IT objectives, technology trends and resource management best practices
  • Frequently reviewed technology summary, to include current environment, planned upgrades and projects, and risk management
  • Network & system lifecycle recommendations & annual budget planning

Support Services

Support Services
  • Unlimited enduser remote support, 24/7/365
  • Scheduled on-site engineering support
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) services included
  • A dedicated service team tailored to meet the unique needs of every client
  • Assigned a dedicated Account Manager
  • Vendor liaison for all third party technology vendors, including ISP, telephony vendor, copier/print vendor, etc. 

Eastern Data’s Managed IT Service Models

Fully Managed IT Support

Eastern Data is essentially an extension of our client's organization in that we manage and maintain the entire technology infrastructure and field all end user support needs. This allows clients to focus on their business and not worry about the difficulties included with hiring, training and turnover of an internal staff.

Co-Managed IT Support

Eastern Data has the ability to provide supplemental IT support to organizations with an internal IT staff. Our support is scalable dependent on each of our clients needs. We have the ability to offload some of the tasks an internal department would rather shift to an outsourced company, including network administration, NOC services and helpdesk support.

Eastern Data’s Approach to Managed IT Services

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    Thorough Assessment

The sales process begins with an exhaustive assessment of the people, the infrastructure, and the needs. Eastern Data ensures we have a complete understanding of the environment in order to make a proper recommendation on all of the solutions and support services included in the proposal.

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    Assigning the Dedicated IT Support Team

Once a client comes on board, they are assigned to a dedicated service team, responsible for the management of the infrastructure and strategic technology solutions. Eastern Data pairs our clients with experts best-suited for their particular industry, applications, and support needs.

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    Onboarding as a New Client

We make the transition to Eastern Data as the new IT provider as seamless as possible. We collect all pertinent documentation and input it into our knowledge base to ensure our Service Desk is prepared to intake support requests. Our goal is to minimize the transition timeline and reduce any associated downtime.

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    Truly Unlimited Support

Our team proactively monitors and maintains the IT infrastructure and our Engineers are available 24/7/365 to assist with any and all support needs that may arise. We encourage our clients to take advantage of the unlimited support so that we can resolve their requests as quickly as possible and will not have to wait until they see their Field Engineer during the scheduled on-site visit.

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    Regular Business Reviews

We regularly schedule business reviews with our clients to review solution-generated reports, discuss the strategic initiatives of the organization and how technology aligns with those goals. This also allows us to update the projected annual technology budget and determine which projects are prioritized in order to keep hardware and software at an agreed upon age range and risks minimized.

Why Partner with Eastern Data?

Managed IT Services Customized for You

All Eastern Data IT proposals are specifically designed for our clients' unique environments. Our experts will conduct a thorough network assessment and then devise a proposal to include all security solutions, unlimited end-user support, and any recommended projects to address both immediately and in the future.

Transparent Pricing

At Eastern Data, our Agreements are an all-inclusive, flat monthly fee. Our clients expect invoices to reflect the exact services included and set at a regular, understood rate. This allows our clients to budget annually for support, any anticipated growth, and for projects work identified during our regular technology review meetings.

Guaranteed Service Level Agreements & Response Times

All issues are managed within a ticketing system by a guaranteed SLA based on issue severity. Each severity level receives a corresponding response. This ensures end users know when to expect a support technician to reach out for troubleshooting and resolution.

24/7 Helpdesk Support

All Eastern Data SMB clients have access to our remote helpdesk support for any questions, concerns or issues. For issues requiring on-site support, we have the ability to dispatch Field Engineers to client locations. If a client is not within our immediate service area, Eastern Data has a nationwide network of engineers available to service our clients on-site needs.

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